About Bavani

My passion has always been in learning and development. From a young age, I was surrounded by a family of teachers who fostered a spirit of curiosity and knowledge. As a result, I grew to seek knowledge about people’s cognitive abilities and their behavioral characteristics. This has led me to study and get certified on psychometric assessment tools to help my clients understand themselves better.

My mission

My mission is to help you grow and develop in ways that empower, transform, and equip you. Are you ready to level up? 

I’m passionate about helping others develop their skills, talent, confidence, character, mindset, attitudes, and more. My dedication to learning and development has led me to become one of the most recognized leaders and advocates in Leadership Excellence. Through my years of expertise and experience, I’ve been awarded by World HRD Congress and Perdana Awards in the category of Women Excellence and Empowerment. 

I’ve helped many individuals, businesses,

and organizations improve productivity impressive and impactful ways.

I’ve supported countless clients in scaling up their business, personal development, pursuing their ambitions, leveraging their talents, and feeling empowered in their abilities.

My credentials and accomplishments

  • The Golden Globe Tigers Award 2017 by World HRD Congress for the category of Women Achiever and Leaders (Malaysia)
  • Global Goodwill Ambassador
  • Women Leadership Excellence Award in 2018 Perdana Awards 2019 – Special Achievement (Self-Development Excellence)
  • Immediate Past President for Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) which is affiliated with Global Speakers Federation (GSF) 
  • Member of Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Trainer Development Framework Review Committee
  • DC Colored Brain
  • Any other psychometric assessment tools
  • Skim Latihan 1Malaysia for GLC’s and now known as PROTÉGÉ
  • Featured on Astro Vizhuthugal
  • Makkal Osai for women empowerment
  • Featured on Bernama, MinnalFm
  • Featured on THR Raaga x Digi’s Saathanai Hero-kkal campaign

My story.

I used to think I was just a regular, small town girl. I started out with no ambitions, goals, or purpose. My life, at the time, was all about the daily grind–going to work, earning a living, and if time permitted, enjoying life a little. However, my life changed when I joined a training company in 2009. My employers and colleagues saw a potential in me that I hadn’t noticed before. During my employment, they pushed me out of my comfort zone to start dreaming big dreams and setting up lofty goals. As a result, I found myself flourishing in exciting ways. I started to strive harder, work better, achieve more, and maintain full ownership over my work. Now, 12 years into the future, I’m achieving things that a younger me could’ve only dreamed of. 

My own transformative experience now drives me to help businesses, SMEs, and individuals grow in ways that make an impact. That’s why I strive to help employees meet their KPIs, thrive in their workplace, and boost their businesses bottom line.

Are you ready to boost your productivity and performance?

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