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Gratitude has proven to increase happiness, open up new possibilities, and boost productivity in life. Are you making gratitude an essential part of your life?

Programs designed to make a life-changing difference.

Do you find yourself wanting to scale your capacity and potential to reach your business goals? Or are you looking for ways to get empowered and inspired to push through challenging tasks? Perhaps you’re simply looking for ways to stand out from the pack?

My solutions were designed to help you grow in every aspect of your life, personally and professionally, while retaining gratitude.

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I work alongside entrepreneurs and small business owners to increase their revenue by providing effective strategies, reviewing processesm and breaking down goals to achieve milestones.

Appreciation in the Workplace

Deep dive into how a culture of appreciation can have an impact on productivity, job turnover, and absenteeism. Discover how it contributes to employee mindset and the organization's bottom line.

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Gratitude Coaching

Gratitude is a powerful, positive emotion that forms a solid foundation in excelling in every aspect of your life. My coaching program will enhance your happiness, productivity, and life satisfaction.


One on one coaching with individuals to improve and life goals like career, finance, health, and others. I help individuals by clarifying and identifying their obstacles, and then curating a customized plan to assist them in reaching their goals.

Keynote Speaker

I focus on an attitude of gratitude and its correlation to happiness in life, as well as how appreciation at workplace contributes to enhanced productivity, less absenteeism, and healthy, stable work culture for organizations.

Meet Bavani

Expert coach
and speaker.

My passion has always been in the area of learning and development from a young age as she is from a background where there are a lot of teachers in the family. This fostered a curiosity in understanding a person’s cognitive abilities and behavioral characteristics, which led me to study and get certified on psychometric assessment tools.

Here’s a little sneak peek into
my coaching process.

I’m here to help you grow with powerful strategies, actionable insights, and best-of-breed coaching approaches.

My focus is to guide you in scaling the growth of your business and yourself with ease. I do this through smart strategies, scalable offerings, team building, gratitude coaching, and more.

Essentially, I help you put the right practice into place, so that you can continue to make a difference in the world.


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Success Stories

I got to know Ms Bavani when our beloved nation was undergoing the early stages of the Movement Control Order and I was working from home. Being new to WFH and I was so used to working with face-to-face communication, I was going through some tough and challenging times, I think like most others too. However, when I reached out to Ms Bavani, she politely obliged to work with me, walking me through those difficult times. Bavani helped me to discover and get to know the real me and the kind of traits I have through the Colored Brain method. I truly enjoyed the online sessions I would have with Ms Bavani and I really recommend her services to anyone who seem "lost"! Thank you Ms Bavani for all that you have done for me!

zareena ismail
Zareena Ismail Preventive Unit, Integrity and Governance Department (IGD) at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

It has been a pleasure knowing Ms. Bavani. She is an amazing role model, as well as a great mentor. The first thing that I would like to emphasize is her genuine intention to see the growth of the youth. She has been involved tremendously in the professional development of GEES apprentices. I have personally received tons of insights from her through all her sharing of knowledge and professional experiences. I went a class of her focusing on Personal Branding and LinkedIn, but I believe that there is a lot more to gain from her. Secondly, is about her being the gratitude advocate. She has been vocal in giving gratitude to the people around her. From that, she has taught me to appreciate the kindness of others and every blessing I have received in life. Thank you so much for everything Ms. Bavani. I am looking forward to learning more from you.

amir hamzah shaarif
Amir Hamzah Shaarifuddin Planner | Politics Economics Business Graduate

I still remember when she showed herself as a fierce and assertive person back then, I knew she’s just doing her job and nothing more. Deep down, her true self is interestingly kind and soft which made me believe to the fullest that she’s very professional when it comes to work and she loves what she’s doing. Only certain people I have known that has the ability to cultivate values in someone and she is one of the kind. I’m really grateful to have known her because without her, I wouldn’t be as virtuous as now.

shakif suhaimi
Shakif Suhaimi Freelance Logo Designer & Content Editor

Miss Bavani, seemed like a strict person but she is full of love and the most caring keeper that I ever had. She got a powerful appearance that can make you shiver but actually she is a very nice person and easy to talk to. She always delivers a good advice and message to people which is to grateful in everything that you had in your life because sometime you tend to forget the indulgence of your life. Keep spreading the love to the people out there so that they will acknowledge the value and meaning of life. Long live Miss Bavani!

Muhammad Fahmi Muhamad
Muhammad Fahmi Muhamad Junior Executive HRM Downstream

I've attended Bavani's LinkedIn sharing a few months ago and she was probably one of the main people who have guided me towards my feature in Top 100 Most Inspirational Icons on LinkedIn. The main thing I have picked up from her sharing was about consistency. During my early days of content sharing, my views barely reached 100 views. But now thanks to the consistency I have built (with video, articles and stories), some of my posts have touched 3k views and exceeding more than 20 reshares. Another thing I have learnt from her was to turn daily moments into stories and lessons for others. This alone has helped me create daily reviews and reflections to add value to others. Thanks Bavani and keep up the good work!

wesley chan
Wesley Chan Sales Breakthrough Coach and Keynote Speaker



    Appreciation in the Workplace

    One of my early memories of my first job after graduating is that working life was terrible. Why did I feel that way? Because of the place I worked at and who worked for. I worked six days a week. We worked the maximum number of hours allowed under the labour law.

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